Located at the south end of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Pikes Peak Christian Church is committed to connecting seekers, growing believers, building families and impacting communities.

The lighting in their 800-seat sanctuary was outdated, ineffective, and inefficient, so our goal was to modernize the fixtures in the room and create a functional and fresh palette for their team to utilize

Along with lighting, we also addressed some acoustic issues, namely flutter echoes. Using acoustical analysis software, we determined that most of the issues were coming from ceiling reflections and placed treatment precisely to help increase intelligibility and reduce listening fatigue.


For lighting, we used a combination of moving head spots and zoomable ellipsoidals, to convert their entire stage lighting plot to LED, as well as working closely with an electrician to integrate all new LED house lights.

A Complete Solution

The result is a system that’s volunteer friendly and offers far more flexibility for setting the mood of the room and the look of the stage for a given moment. 


The feel of the room you’re bringing people into matters, and for PPCC, their mission is all about creating environments that help people encounter God, hear his voice and say ‘yes’ to Him. We’re grateful to be able to play a part in making their sanctuary a more welcoming space for their congregation.