The Vision

Beautiful and open, the chapel at Restoration church serves as a multipurpose space for service overflow, gatherings, and the occasional wedding.


The vision was to turn the 112 year old chapel, once the main center for worship at the church in the 1900’s, into a functional space while maintaining the natural grandeur and beauty of the room.


After brainstorming some initial ideas with the team, we landed on a system that we believe offers an extremely high quality audio and visual experience

The Design

  • Video wall display, trimmed out with white wood to keep the aesthetic of the room


  • World class column array speakers and ground stacked subwoofer


  • Customized wall plate Audio/Video inputs


  • Touchscreen control system for easily selecting system presets for different events


  • Acoustic treatment

Unique Challenges

One of the unique challenges presented by this space was the acoustic properties of the room. When we began work in the chapel, it was just wood flooring and plaster ceilings all around, making it nearly impossible to even have a conversation with someone more than a few feet away. 


We sought to maintain some of the natural acoustic properties of the chapel, while also giving it quite a lot of help with intelligibility and clarity. Using acoustic modeling software, we measured the response of the room to determine the best type of treatment and most effective placement for it. The space now carries a beautiful balance of natural and intelligible that makes it extremely inviting and pleasant.